Looking Up An Unknown Cell Number Can Be Quick And Easy


There are many online directories out there that provide reverse cell phone lookup services. Some of these are reliable, others are expensive. Some people may opt to mix and match the results of several free reverse phone lookup services to get the information they want. People will go to great extents to find out who is behind that unknown number. Some very simple ways, though, that are often overlooked are regular search engines like Google or Facebook or even some photo search engines. It may be hit and miss but notably, sometimes it is indeed a straight hit.

The Difference Between A Cell Phone Number Lookup And Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Though, theoretically, a reverse cell phone search is more straightforward, it is difficult to get this service for free or with accurate results. What remains the single best way to look up someone based on phone number is actually Facebook. The Facebook search engine can be a simple and reliable reverse cell phone lookup service. One merely needs to enter a phone number in the search engine and hit “enter”. If the person’s number is associated with their Facebook profile, they will appear at the top of the search result regardless of their privacy settings.

There are at least four noteworthy disadvantages of this method of reverse phone lookup. One is that a person is not required to expose their cell phone number in order to sign up for Facebook. If for any reason a person has not associated their number with their Facebook account, then nothing will show up. Secondly, a person may have changed their phone number since signing up for Facebook and so the search result does not guarantee that this number is currently associated with the person. Third, for someone to benefit from this “service” they would need to have first signed up for a Facebook account in order to use the Facebook search engine. Lastly, not everybody uses Facebook so if the person does not even have an account, the search will turn up empty.

Paid Cell Phone Lookups Are The Best

The best way to do a reverse cell phone lookup is just to do research on a reputable service and pay for it. These services offer to provide not only names, but address, previous address, previous phone numbers, civil records, criminal records and more. The number of websites offering these services is steadily growing and with this comes some measure of confusion as to which one to trust. As a rule, pay attention to customer reviews and do proper research before paying. There are even some websites that provide insight on which reverse cell phone lookup services are reliable and not.