What The Sleep Science Mattress With Built-In Adjustable Base Has To Offer

Sleep Science has done it again. They have dropped your jaw with an amazing latex + memory foam mattress that does way more than it needs to in order to make you feel the wonders of true sleep. They are not called Sleep Science for nothing as this particular mattress is loaded with technology to assist you in deriving the most out of your night as you sleep. The technologies applied include the Celsion Phase Changing technology and the Talalay latex.

Memory Foam And Latex Layers Of Awesomeness

The Sleep Science Queen Latex Mattress we’re talking about here is unique, not only for its adjustable base that is built-in, but for its multiple layers of latex. Manufactured in the USA by the kings of latex (Latex International), the Talalay latex and the Celsion Phase Changing is designed by blending latex in a special way to create a scientific, automatic means of regulating temperature. The top layer of the mattress is the one with the Celsion Phase Changing technology more recently called the ActiveFusion. It is about one-inch-thick and responds accordingly to your body’s temperature releasing or absorbing heat to your comfort.

The middle layer is the second layer of latex that is made by means of the patented Talalay process which includes a proprietary blend of natural rubber tree sap along with other natural or manmade latex components. It contains no harmful substances and is certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100. This layer of latex responds to your body temperature conforming as required by your contours. According to the mattress review on http://finance.yahoo.com/news/top-10-best-memory-foam-015400316.html this phenomenon of the mattress contouring around your body is extremely important to minimize pressure on pressure points like the hips, shoulders, and heels.

The lowest layer, as always, is the thickest. It is a soy infused supportive layer of foam and is 5 inches in thickness. This base provides the functional stability for the mattress as well as the support needed for you to balance with your comfort. It also has a fair bit of therapeutic memory foam that will add tons and tons of comfort to your daily sleep.

Peace Of Mind

Not only are the components of this mattress Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, they are all manufactured in the USA and is in adherence with all relevant fire and safety guidelines for consumer products of this nature. The Sleep Science Queen Mattress ranks from medium to soft and so if you often lie on your back or your side, you would find this mattress ideal for you.

So sure are the manufacturers of its quality that they are extending a 20 year warranty to their customers.

And are we forgetting the biggest wow factor of this offer? Well it speaks for itself with its wireless remote, quiet motor and up to 700 pounds of resistance. It is so well equipped that if your frame does not fit it can operate as a stand-alone bed.