10 Steps On How To Get Designer Clothes For Cheap

1. Bargain Hunting

Looking for designer clothes on various auction platforms such as eBay and OfferUp is an efficient way to start out your search. Many times, the people who sell their designer wear on these sites have hardly worn them, oftentimes still bearing their tag, and are just trying to get some money out of them instead of letting them sit in their closet. With some disgression, you can add a number of high-end pieces to your wardrobe.

2. Shop At Discounted Retail Stores

Many discount stores such as T.J. Maxx and Marshall’s offer designer brands at a much lower cost. Because they buy excess inventory and receive major discounts as a result, the businesses decide to pass on the benefits to their customers. By shopping at these types of stores, you can get the label you’re after with room left over in your wallet.

3. Keep An Eye Out For Flash Sales

Many online sites hold flash sales, where a limited quantity of designer clothing is sold at an extreme discount. There are a couple of catches with this to be aware of, however. One, not everything is a deal, so you need to be careful and be an expert with pricing. Two, most sales are final, so you should know your sizing in that brand beforehand.

4. Buy Items During Their Off-Season

Logically, it makes sense to buy a winter coat in the summer, when no one is thinking of the impending snow in the upcoming months. Stores will be trying to rid themselves of last season’s product in order to have enough room for their new inventory, so you can find a lot of deals for the next year.

5. Shop Other Collections Within Brands

Many upscale brands are umbrella brands, with many subdivisions within them that you may not be aware of. For example, three main types of alternative collections are capsule collections, bridge lines, and lower-cost brands. Capsule collections have the same name and design, but are mass-produced and, therefore, more affordable. Bridge lines are “bridge” between a luxury brand and an affordable retailer. Lastly, many brands have lower-cost brands to avoid their customers from breaking the bank. Quality is often sacrificed between this and the main brand, but you still get the label.

6. Utilize Closeout Websites

Websites such as Nordstrom Rack offer designer goods at a steep discount from the original piece. While the items are placed on the site for being removed from brand-name stores for a variety of reasons, closeout websites are a fantastic place to bulk up on your favorite designer names.

7. Get Thrifty

There are many upscale consignment shops that only accept donations from certain labels within a certain condition. By scanning the shelves and racks of these stores, you can find many hidden gems, often hardly-worn, that are perfect additions to your closet.

8. Search For Coupons

There’s no way you should ever shop designer without a coupon to take some of the financial blow for you. While the coupons may not be directly on the designer’s website, there are many reputable coupon distributors such as RetailMeNot.com that offer exclusive deals.

9. Scavenge For Sample Sales

If you live in a big city, sample sales are a godsend. Designer clothes that are heavily marked down are definitely worth the mild embarrassment you may get from trying on clothes in front of other people. Due to the lack of dressing rooms, wear undergarments that you feel comfortable and confident in. As with flash sales, know the regular prices of things and don’t feel obligated to buy something just because it’s designer. Check sites like Racked.com for sample sales near you.

10. Follow Fashion Blogs

With so much work to do yourself, why not just listen to someone else whose job it is to find the deals for you? Fashion blogs all compete to be the first to break a deal, so take advantage of their competition and follow a myriad of them. Compare information and determine what your plan of action should be.