Packing Tips – Ways To Make Moving Less Emotional And A Lot Of Fun

Remember people, the fun in moving lies on the organization of the entire process. Some people look at moving as a stressful and emotional phase in our life. It is emotional, but shouldn’t be stressful. This is probably the case because people don’t usually prepare beforehand. The most important reminder of all, prepare at least a week before moving. This will eliminate those last minute panic moments. You have to check with everything, don’t limit yourself with what you find inside the house. Have you cancelled your gym membership? Did you retrieve the vacuum cleaner you lent your neighbors? Remember, last minute shipping costs a lot of money so as much as possible, prepare yourself.

Item Checklist

This is the next step, write down an item checklist. These are the stuff you want to bring with you and the stuff you want to leave behind. Don’t just write random items in a piece of paper. Organize the checklist and make sure to include all items. Here’s an idea: why not ask each member of the family to write their own checklist? That way, no one’s going to blame you for leaving a single item behind. Remember to clear everything from that list and if you need to update it, then do so.

Packing Tips

When it comes to packing, remember to always think tight and light. As much as possible don’t load too many heavy items in one box. Also, make sure that the bottom of the box is heavy. Wrap ceramics and other fragile items with wadded up packing paper or newspaper. Boxes aren’t the only containers you can use. Why not use suitcases and duple bags? Label the boxes with the names of the items inside and seal it up good. Another brilliant idea, if you’re taking your closets and drawers with you, then use that advantage. You don’t have to pack these clothes inside boxes or bags, leave them inside the closet. That way, when it’s time to unload, all you have to do is place the closet into your new home and that’s it. Pretty cool packing tips right?

Packing and Moving Services

One of the packing tips to consider is availing of moving services if you don’t have the time to do so. You can choose with either truck rental, self-service movers or full professional moving service. The truck rental is you rent a moving truck and you take care of everything. You have to do the packing, loading, driving, unloading and unpacking. Too much work, but this is the cheapest service available. Self-service movers service is when you rent a truck and hire a driver. The full moving services includes everything and all you have to do is sit and wait.

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